Leah G -

Joy is an exceptional masseuse - she is strong and tuned in and brings a quality of presence and dedication to her work that is wonderful.  By the end of the massage, my entire body is tingling and alive as if every cell is renewed and jumping with joy.  She also brings a quality of kindness and compassion that makes me feel entirely safe and held.  I feel so grateful to have found her.  

Siouxsie T

Joy is a natural with massage.  She really understands what your body needs and her strength shines through.  I highly recommend Joy. 

Charlotte W

I had the pleasure of receiving a massage from Joy Kamrin yesterday.  She is now one of my favorite therapists.  She was really in tune with the pressure needed, and where to focus.  I love her technique and mellow persona. I am definitely going to return for another great massage. 

Susan F

I highly recommend Joy for in-home massage.  Her massages go way beyond ordinary.  Joy really listens to you and what your body needs and she has an incredible healing touch. I was skeptical that I would be able to relax and be comfortable getting a massage in my home and I assure you, that not only is it wonderful having Joy come to your house, her table (covered in soft sheets and blankets) is the most comfortable I have ever experienced. 

Deb D

I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.  My inflammation flares and leaves me with muscular pain that can be debilitating. Joy's work is so intuitive and tuned in.  She came to my home and offered me extreme relief. I highly recommend her. 

Chi R

Joy has strong, but kind arms and hands.  She gives wonderful full body massages that are ideal for sore and tight muscles.  She confidently supported me in healing my body for a fairly serious car accident.  Joy's massages are really engaging and will leave you feeling good for days after.