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Joy Bird Wilson began her training at one of the premier schools in the country, Brian Utting School of Massage.  Joy's continued education and 18 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, includes various modalities of Therapeutic Massage, including: Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Circulatory Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Foot Reflexology and Spa Treatments .  

Joy's intuitive massage will encourage relief from pain, and powerfully unwind the unique tensions in your body.  Release of these tensions, big and small, can provide the re-set that creates deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal in Mind, Body and Spirit of your Beautiful, Sacred Soul.

Recently, Joy trained to become an Access Consciousness, Access Bars Practitioner and Facilitator, as well as an Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner.  These modalities have been life changing for herself, her family and many of her clients.  

Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage for Relief of Tension, Discomfort & Pain


Life is full of repetitive movement and/or non-movement, injury from accidents, as well as pain we learn to live with.  This often results in pain, stiffness, immobility and stress in your body and mind.  Sink into RELAXATION and RENEWAL as you experience restoration of your equilibrium, bringing back a healthy state of physical balance and a calm state of mind.  Melt your tension and anxiety away with a REJUVENATING massage with perfect pressure throughout and attention in the areas that need it most, to Invigorate, Circulate and Recuperate every muscle in your wonderful body.

Access Bars and Access Energetic Facelife - Amazing Transformative Modalities


In a private Access Bars session, Joy will touch a series of points on the head that clear the electromagnetic components of thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments, considerations and points of view that get stored in the mind and body over time.  

When we have locked all of these emotions and points of view into the mind and body, it can make it very difficult to create the change you desire and know is possible!  Addressing where these energies are stuck, allows for more ease and joy to come into your life.       

People have reported feeling clearer, having more energy, more ease in their lives, less pain, less anxiety, less depression, sleeping better at night, feeling more creative and so much more.

Enjoy Massage and Access Bars Therapy


Experience Transformation

Enjoy a Full Body Massage & Feel 

Invigorated when you step off the table.

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Massage Techniques


Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles and coupled with Trigger Point Therapy, painful spots in the muscle tissue that radiate pain to other areas, due to poor posture, repetitive mechanical stress, or acute trauma, are often deactivated, which reduces pain.  



Swedish and Circulatory Massage

The goal of these two types of massage is to melt away muscle tension and increase the blood flow to your heart. Swedish and Circulatory Massage are extremely therapeutic as they flush out muscle toxins, increase oxygen levels in the blood, and improve flexibility in the body. 



Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology can be a deeply relaxing and therapeutic for those suffering from plantar fascitis, ankle injuries or even everyday work and play. This modality feels great to your feet that support your walk in this life, it can also decrease stress and anxiety  in the entire body.  


Access Bars

If you desire something different to show up in your life, or you've been trying to change something . . .

There are 32 points on your head, that store the electromagnetic component of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, considerations and points of view, that you have stored over time.  Every fixed point of view you have, and every conclusion you make about that point of view, be it consciously or subconsciously, becomes a limitation.  These limitations become fixed in place and solidify the energy and block your capacity to be generative in different areas of life.  When a Certified Bars Practitioner holds these specific points on your head, it's like deleting these fixed points of view files and your life changes in suttle and sometimes dramatic ways.

After receiving an Access Bars session, people often experience:       

• greater mental clarity, motivation and problem solving capacity        

• significant increase in joy and happiness        

• improved manageability of depressive and anxious tendencies        

• decrease in conflicts with others and within yourself        

• deeper relaxation and non-interrupted sleep     

Book an Access Bars session today for yourself, or a loved one.         

60 Minute Session ~ $120

Combine with a Massage and receive an Access Bars Session for only $100!  

(Plan for 2 hours for Massage & Access Bars)


My Bars Story

When one of my dearest friends shared about her experience after receiving The Bars, I knew I needed a session.  

My husband and I jumped right in and we took a class, along with our 10 year old son, so that we could provide these sessions for each other and our children.  

This work of Running the Bars and learning the other tools of Access Consciousness has changed our lives as a family in dramatic and wonderful ways.  Anger about anything has dissipated and we feel more grounded, laugh more and are able to communicate better.  The triggers that used to upset the flow of things are rare and when they do come up, we have learned how to jump past them quickly!  We are all SO much happier and in love with each other, very much  more than before. 

Personally, for me, that "stinkin' thinkin'" voice that used to plague me with doubt and fear, has basically disappeared!!  Now I am working on a project that I have been wanting to do for almost 30 years, with EASE!!

Access Energetic Facelift Treatment

This process uses a hands on multiple energy frequency that creates change on the cellular and molecular level to heal the skin and body. Reverses the effects of aging of the skin and body, activates cellular memory and releases traumas and layers of  judgments that create the aging process and creates limitations in our lives.

  • Visible  results in the first session
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Enhances firmness, texture, color and creates a luminous glow of the face and neck
  • Dissipates scarring and pigmentation
  • Reverses the aging process of the skin and body
  • Replaces the need for botox or cosmetic surgery
  • Non invasive and no recovery time
  • 1/10 of the cost of a face lift
  • Rejuvenates the skin and removes judgments that create aging in the skin and body.

60 Minute Treatment ~ $120
Combine with a Massage and receive an 

Access Energetic Facelift Treatment for only $100!  (Plan for 2 hours for Massage & Facelift)

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Massage Testimonials


Natalie Rose Martin - SourceFeminine.com

Joy is a skilled, thorough, and attentive body worker. The parts needing extra attention get it, without the other parts getting skimped on.  She is strong and tuned in to the degree of pressure she uses.  I highly recommend!


Leah G

 Joy is an exceptional masseuse - she is strong and tuned in and brings a quality of presence and dedication to her work that is wonderful.  By the end of the massage, my entire body is tingling and alive as if every cell is renewed and jumping with joy.  She also brings a quality of kindness and compassion that makes me feel entirely safe and held.  I feel so grateful to have found her.   


Chi R

 Joy has strong, but kind hands.  She gives wonderful full body massages that are ideal for sore and tight muscles.  She confidently supported me in healing my body for a fairly serious car accident.  Joy's massages are really engaging and will leave you feeling good for days after. 

Massage and Access Bars Testimonials


Tamera R


Joy is the absolute best massage therapist I have ever seen.  I have been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for 26 years, and experienced a wide variety of physical conditions, and seen a wide variety of massage therapists.  She is hands down my favorite.  Joy is not only knowledgeable, attentive, and strong, I believe she is an intuitive healer.  Her hands find the places that need healing.  I suffer from severe whiplash, and Joy is the only massage therapist that has been able to reduce pain and tension in my neck  and all over my aching body.  I leave her sessions feeling like a new person.  

Recently, I experienced my first Bar sessions with Joy.  The experience was soothing and powerful.  I feel as though she activated a force field around me that keeps me safe from anxiety and stress.  I have suffered multiple traumas in my life.  My Dad had an unexpected, massive heart attack and died in my arms 14 years ago.  I am an only child and was my mother's care giver for the last 7 years.  She recently lost her battle with Alzheimer's and it has been devastating.  My anxiety has contributed to a plethora of problems like lack of sleep, fuzzy thoughts, and panic attacks.  Since my first session with Joy, my anxiety seems to have disappeared.  Even in the face of conflict, fear, drama, and my classic triggers.  I have been able to breathe and see things  from a safe distance.  I can't fully explain it, but I know I feel different.  Primarily, I notice I am much more calm and clear headed.  It has been amazing. 


The combination of massage and bar treatments have given me relief, hope, and more happiness than I though possible.  Joy is a blessing and a gift.  I cannot say enough good things about her and what she has to offer.  Perhaps she is magic.


Annie S

I have had the blessing of getting a Massage and an Access Bars Session from Joy Bird.  Her massage was amazing!  My endorphins were released and I felt alive and tingly all over.  Hands down, the best massage I have ever received!!  No other Practitioner tops Joy's thorough technique and healing hands.  The Access Bars Session helped my mind get clear.  I have been under quite a bit of stress with the construction of my new home and I was choosing to be in a very unhealthy relationship (which was teaching my three kids that it is okay to treat people and be treated in the unhealthy way we were being).  Access Consciousness, with The Bars sessions I continue to receive, has given me my power back!!  I was able to break off that relationship of 7 years and I am still so secure and the choices I have been making for myself and my children are transforming our lives in a positive way.  Thank you Joy, for helping me, and continue to help me each and every time I see you!


Gabriel W

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Access Bars Testimonials


Bonny D

I am so grateful to you and your treatments on me.  I have completely let go of my hatred towards my former husband.  Had a great Christmas Eve at his home and I had he and his wife for lunch, the day after Christmas.  A major change in me!!  It worked! 


Julia F- BreathofLifeChiGong.org

 I first became aware of Access Bars when my dear friend Joy shared with me that it is" changing our lives" . . .  so much so that her and her husband and young son, were training to become Bars Facilitators.  I have to admit, she had me at "changing our lives".  I was very curious with what the success rate of this new therapy could offer as I have been struggling ever since I had a stroke 11 years ago.  When Joy placed her hands on my head, I felt like I was getting a massage, although she was not massaging me.  I became totally relaxed and began to feel tingling in my left side, where I had some neuropathy issues due to the stroke.  Immediately after my session, my neck no longer hurt and it had better range of motion then it had in years!  I felt as though a load had been lifted off my emotions, I had more clarity of mind and I didn't get the least bit upset when my drummer of 14 years quit on me.  Usually, I would have been devastated and shocked for weeks by this news.  Amazingly, many more series of events transpired that would usually leave me very upset, and I really am not upset at all.  

In fact, I've been optimistic and upbeat, clear minded and I would definitely like to learn how to give my Chi Gong clients this transformative therapy.    


Janna S


My life is forever changed after my first Access Bars session!!!

My frustrations are staying at bay with most of the things people do or say.  My emotional triggers have declined dramatically.  My sleeping and waking patterns are back on schedule since my session - waking at 5 am and going to bed at 10 pm.  My breathing from my asthma improved.  I'm going through with things at a rapid rate with ease and with very little amount of anxiety!!!  My moods are more regulated.  I am not laughing randomly at everything anymore, out of nervousness.  I am able to pay attention to detail more easily, and am not making typo mistakes in texts.  All in all, getting places on time.  In regards to my Crohn's condition, my stomach, on day two, had very little inflammation and instead of 10-20 BM's per day, coming without notice, I have had 3 BM's for the past two days.  I even had a tiny bit of Ethiopian coffee and it didn't make me jittery.  I ate oatmeal with milk and a beef sambusa - amazingly, I woke up feeling fine and not affected by any of my food choices.  It seems like things are still unfolding more and more each day.  

Truly, I cannot thank you enough for helping me on my path to a better life Joy Bird.

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